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Surge Bulb Keeps Yourself
Protected During

  • Power Outage

  • Hurricanes

  • Storms

  • Blizzards

  • Camping

  • Fishing

Power Outages Can Lead To
Serious Hazards

Every year, the U.S. is hit with power outages caused by hurricanes, storms & blizzards. For
most American families, it means wasting hundreds of hours trapped in darkness, which leaves
them vulnerable to injuries caused by

  • Tripping & Falling
    In The Bathroom

  • Tumbling Down

  • Mixing Up
    Medication In Dark

  • Fire Accidents
    Due To Candles

The Surge Emergency LED Bulb That Powers On During A
Power Outage To Ensure

Your Home Has Light & Your Family Is Safe,
No Matter The Storm Outside!

Introducing The Surge Bulb

This LED Bulb features Surge Switch Technology that allows normal usage of the light during power interruption. The light is powered by the internal rechargeable battery that recharges during normal usage, so you don't have to worry about it dying when you need it most! Simply turn the light on and off at the switch to maximize battery life. Never be left in the dark again!

Safety and Peace of Mind

Having immediate light when your power goes out provides safety and reduces stress and anxiety. Preparing for storm season or the next power outage is as easy as changing a light bulb! Every home and business needs a few of these.

  • 9 Watt LED
    800 Lumens
  • 120 VACS
    Input Voltage
  • 25,000 Hrs
    LED Lifespan
  • Ues 80%
    Less Energy
  • Not
  • Night ON
    Day OFF

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Where Can You Use

Surge bulbs can be use anywhere you have a standard light socket.
(Not intended for use in multi-unit fixtures such as chandeliers, connected runs of lights, or with dimmer switches)

  • In Entrances

  • In Staircases

  • Outside or in the Garage

  • In Bathrooms

  • In The Kids Rooms

  • Outdoor Shed

Not Just A Regular Bulb
Multi-Function Portable Emergency Light

  • Camping Light

  • Flashlight

  • Hook Light

  • Warehouse Light

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5 Reasons Why The Surge Bulb Is Too Smart
To Keep Out Of Your Shopping Cart

  • Works in your existing light socket

  • A backup emergency battery provides over 6 hours of light.

  • The backup emergency battery charges itself. You don't have to do anything!

  • No installation required. Simply screw in the HOME SAFETY LIGHT into your socket and start saving money

  • Long-lasting: 25,000 Hour Life

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Surge Bulb vs Regular Bulb
Make The Smart Choice

Emergency Lighting in case of power outage
Energy efficient bright Illumination
Back-up rechargeable Battery

Surge Bulb

Regular Bulb

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What People Are Saying About
The Surge Bulb!


Surge helps me feel in control again

Worked like a charm during a power outage. I put one in the kitchen and it lit up everything. The one in the bathroom was so bright it looked like I almost had the regular light on.

Tracy Wolfson Verified Purchase


We kept reading & playing cards

Unlike a flashlight or lantern, this 60w bulb can light a room! The light is warm, not the cold blue of emergency lights. It is rechargeable, has a portable attachment, or you can just screw it into a lamp at home and, if the power goes out, it lights up (if the switch on the lamp is turned on). Great gift idea!

Kevin Holmes Verified Purchase


Got it in a special price!

For $35, I got 6 hours of emergency lighting. Hmmm, I should’ve bought the 8 bulb package!!

Brenda Shearer Verified Purchase


Best invention EVER

I added these in 6 lamps around my house so all rooms would have light. I sent the other 2 to my parents for there bedroom lamps. They work great!

Thomas Crowder Verified Purchase



The one thing that isn’t mentioned is that there are no extension cords to run from the generator. Eliminates trip hazards during a blackout, SERIOUSLY!!

Jordan L Verified Purchase


Top 10 life hack!

I normally don’t post reviews BUT… Wow!! This bulb is the one product I never knew I needed. I luckily had 3 brand new bulbs to use during a recent hurricane that left me without a main power source for two days. What a life saver! Trust me, you need these in your life!

Monica D. Verified Purchase


Don’t forget mom and dad

Affordable and quite handy! Buying some for my elderly parents as soon as I finish posting.

Jordan Pioux Verified Purchase


Great show and tell item

Not only did these bulbs work great in an emergency situation, my son recently used one for a science experiment at school. Did I mention he won 2nd place! Lol Great product all around.

Jessica C. Verified Purchase

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