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Surge Utility Light

Surge Utility Light

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Ultra-bright illumination from this Smart Gear Trifold LED Garage Light replaces any standard bulb and lights up your entire garage or shop.

  • Formable 3-leaf garage light can focus on a particular area or simply flood a space by adjusting independently the panels, quickly aim in any direction for your need
  • Super bright 160w and 85% energy saving led garage lights to provide 80+CRI, stable, no flickering 6000K to 6500K cool white light turn your dark garage to daytime
  • Screw in and play, e26 e27 socket, easy to install without an electrician
  • High-quality CSP led clip and aluminum alloy efficient heat dissipation design offer a greater brightness and lower temperature to make sure the light will last up to 50,000 hours.
  • Many applications: can be used in the garage, patio, basement, warehouses, workshop, exhibition hall, sports hall, mining, supermarkets, parking lot, gym, barn, workbench, bay, laundry room, closet, etc
  • Screws in any standard light fixture
  • LED bulbs save up 70% on your electricity bill vs. incandescent lighting


  1.  Ultra bright LED light
  2. 360-degree illumination
  3. Adjustable light panels
  4. Fits standard E26 fixtures
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